Buying or selling A Business is not an overnight affair.

The transaction can take months with tons of research as well as performing the due diligence needed to identify the right investment for a buyer or right buyer for a seller.


Property Fusion Australia, act in a consultancy role advising both buyers and sellers performing their due diligence.

As a buyer or seller, you will need to know how profit is going to be made (at least in theory) before actually considering a price tag for a business venture.

Benefits for Sellers - We can provide sellers with critical advice and consulting expertise for successfully closing a deal. we help prepare documents including projected profit and loss from historical financial returns instead of spending thousands of hard earned dollars on an accountant, lawyer, research analyst, Etc

Benefits for Buyers - The buyer's initial step begins with the formulation of a concrete business plan before even considering whether a particular Business is available.

What Factors Increase Valuation

There are a multiple of factors that can maximise your business valuation which ultimately increase your value

Return on Investment 

Potential buyers will peruse every detail that goes into buying your business, as they should. Therefore being able to present your company or business with a great amount of legitimate and well established information will in turn lead to a very successful transaction. Below is a list of things you should consider when selling your business

• What are the profits

• What are the growth trends within the Business

• What drives new sustainable sales

• What are the consumer demographics

• What is your market position 

• Is the location favorable

• How involved does the owner need to be within the business

• What systems are in place and what procedures go into the running of your business

We help facilitate a smooth transition by preparing your documents and making sure all the potential questions and problems can be eliminated which will help buyers and sellers and there lenders to have a level of comfort in the transaction