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Consultancy & Advice


  • Feasibility studies for new and expanding businesses.
  • Performance evaluations, operational and benchmarking studies.
  • Property research and demographic studies.
  • Facilitation of sale and purchase processes. 
  • Due diligence on business operations & projections reviews
  • Lease review
  • Review Franchise Agreements
  • Review ESA site assessments VRI compliance, SIRA reporting etc

if you are kooking to buy it is imperative you do your due diligence before commiting, if you are selling we can help you prepare the business or property for the market including from the business projected profit and loss statements etc.

The market is changing banks are calculating risk into there lending everyone needs to make sure they are well educated if buying or selling 

with over 20 years of selling Service stations and Automotive businesses and properties we are in the best position to give advice and active solutions and at a fraction of a solicitors or so called financial advisors rates.

call Graham Owen 0412 204000 or Email

If you have questions or would like to know more, please contact Graham Owen 0412 204000